Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Return of the Retrospective 2

July 21, 2008

Hasn't been much of a stuffed animal boy. We give them to him mostly so he can throw them out of his crib.

Aug 15
"Needs more ketchup."

Joy says, "With his tendencies to bite, I don't know that Mommy would let him do that anymore."

Sept 24

6 months old and already standing. What a determined mover he's been! He does still crawl when speed is of the essence, but he walks for most of his movement. I'm rapidly running out of excuses to call him Baby Hy instead of Toddler Hy.

Oct 30
And there he is, plying his incredible cuteness. Good morning, Hyrum. Nice nap?

Nov 16

He was being cuddly just before we took the picture, honest! Hy is actually getting to be just a little more cuddly than he used to be - more willing to give us a nice, big hug first thing in the morning. They're very nice.

Some Sunday Nov/Dec

"Say, Dad, can I have a turn with the camera now?"

Dec 14

"Yes, mastah! Yes, mastah! I will get you more brains. ... Just as soon as mommy changes my diaper."

Also Dec 14

"This is my Dad. He's not the smartest looking cookie in the Animal Crackers box, but I like him just the same. Dad, could you please look at the camera?"

Feb 27, 2009
Hyrum discovers his first teething toy. He's up to eight teeth... and Daddy's up to no good teaching him how to stick things in his mouth. That took a good 10 minutes to manage, and even then I didn't see it happen. But he kept the ring in his mouth a good 5 minutes!

Mar 11, 2009
Hyrum turns 1 years old.

Wait a minute.

August 24, 1979
Derrill turns 1 years old. That's right. Pictures of Hyrum enjoying his birthday will be in the next baby post.

J: "I bet you were fun too, Derrill. That's the SAME smile Hyrum has. I mean, I may not think he looks exactly like you, but he has your smile."

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