Monday, March 9, 2009

Return of the Retrospective 1

SOMEONE is getting ready to celebrate his very first birthday. That can mean only one thing: It's time to review the year in pictures again! Many of you will remember my grateful retrospectives as he started gaining weight. I've missed those chances to show random unseen pictures. A couple of these you may recognize, but it's been a while, and they're cute, and they're just as randomly drawn.

March 23, 2008 - 12 days old

As Joy and I looked at these earliest pics of little baby Hy, Joy said, "I don't even know that baby anymore." He's a whole new person!

March 30 - 19 days
He always had such serious looks on his face as a newborn. Now his serious looks are when he's playing - very intense. Most of the time, he's my smiling son.

April 11 - 1 month
Ah, and there's that smile! Well, not quite. This picture and the next two courtesy Grandma's phone. It's not his First restaurant, but pretty close, and his first month birthday. He was fairly miserable that entire dinner, so Joy and I spent it apart as one got to eat while the other bounced and soothed the exhausted baby.

April 12
Blissful slumbers. Is my Hyrum really hidden somewhere in that face?

April 17
Is my Hyrum really hidden somewhere in that face?? I have been careful in general not to post his grumpy pictures, but he IS a baby and it's good to admit that fact occasionally. Actually, yes, that looks a lot like his grumpy face now, too, come to think of it. Joy agrees.

April 27
This shot is SO reminiscent of the first time we gave him a bink, clutching it with both fists. He still doesn't seem addicted to the bink - we reach for it well before he does. The bink is most useful in helping him sleep and as a signal that he's done eating. Pops it right in, looks at Mom, and says, "Sorry, Mom, no more's fittin in there."

May 28
"I'm getting ready for my first long walk. Half of me is gungho, ready to go. The other half is wondering what this contraption is all about and why Mom and Dad are making such a big fuss...."

June 15
Ah, now there's a baby I recognize.
"Heeeeeeeeeeeeere's Hyrum!"
I liked that Sunday outfit.

June 23
Hm, looks like our program of stuffing the baby was working well that week.
"Do me a favor, Dad, and don't show that to my fiancee, k?"
We were SO glad to get him on a bottle. Then to get him onto formula at 7-8 months. Now we're SO glad to get him off formula and into cow's milk. That saves us more than $15/week.

July 7 - nearly 4 months old
These days, we put the cat and butterflies in his crib and he attacks them pretty thoroughly. He chews on the butterflies and tries to separate the two of them, and he gives the cat a good whack every now and then to prove he's still got it.

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