Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hyrum vs. Hamper

One of the advantages of being a sometimes work at home Dad is that I get to record events like this: R2-HyRum

Hyrum got stuck in one of our laundry hampers ...
"because he likes to play with the laundry," adds Joy. He particularly enjoys taking the laundry out of whatever basket or machine is available. "Putting it back in is more of a foreign idea."

In other laundry news, our washing machine broke Friday night just before we went up to the temple. It won't drain. Saturday we had the temple trip and then a church meeting for me in the evening, and today's Sunday, so the water is still sitting there waiting for me to fix the problem. That's the other good part of being a sometimes work at home Dad - my work hours are flexible enough to fix things.

"You fixed it once."


themeese2 said...

Your child is absolutely, heartrendingly, smooch-inducingly ADORABLE! I'm sure you guys can't hear that enough!


Shari said...

He he. What a cute boy!