Monday, March 2, 2009

Derrill of Arabia 4

Friday night, the organizers took us to the Kuwait Scientific Center. It features a scientific play area for the kids, an aquarium and zoo, an IMAX theater, and all the trappings of Arabic capitalism (gift shops, prayer rooms, and the like.)

My sister, Emie, is big into fish, so this post (and many of the pics I took) are mainly for her benefit.

They're not just for Florida anymore.

This is the appropriately named Pineapple Fish. I've never heard of one of these before, let alone seen one. Top right corner of the tank.

It's NEMO! I found Nemo for you, Emie.

I name you ... Sepia Zebra Fish!

Aquarium Haiku

Swim round in circles.
Do not mind my flashing light.
Here fishy fishy.

Desert mice with really long tails. Let me know if you'd also like to see scorpions and scarabs.

They have a nice collection of sharks, nobly chilling with other fish. Clearly, they went through the Fish Are Friends program.

This is the smallest dog (breed) in the world, a Fennec. The guide book says they are related to wolves, jackals, and foxes, and that their long ears help them find prey AND keep cool.

I've also got a cat relative that's extinct in Africa and Asia, but has survived in the Middle East. Again, send me a note if you'd like to see it.

IMAX was showing us the tale of three intrepid flies who stow away on Apollo 11 to land on the moon ... in 3D. They are the heroic main character, the nerdy glasses-bearing nasal-voiced fly, and the fat fly who keeps stuffing his face for comic relief. After the movie, Buzz Aldrin himself comes out to denounce the notion that flies were there. ??? A very just movie review is here.

As you move from one area of the 'aquarium' to another, they have these long panels with holograms that move. I thought they were pretty neat, so recorded them. Movies of fish coming up when we return for the final chapter in the Derrill of Arabia series.

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