Monday, April 14, 2008

Travelogue 2 - Thorvaldsen

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Joy said...

Grandma Jule here - - -
THANK YOU SO MUCH, Derrill, for this inspiring posting!!
I heard the same conference talk you did -- I've heard Pres. Kimball's story before -- but it didn't really "register" until now.
I appreciate the FANTASTIC photos more than I can say. I've never seen the statues of the apostles; I've *certainly* never seen the Christus "in situ" -- and your 3-panel shot does a wonderful job of helping a person feel as though they were actually standing there in the Var Flor church.
But, the "icing on the cake" is your inspiring, insightful commentary. It brings the whole experience together and invites the Spirit to witness the truth, which makes it feel like I've actually been there and experienced it for myself.
Thank you so much!

Ben said...

The Vor Frue Kirke is amazing. Denmark was part of my mission (even though I only spent a little less than 24 hours there on my way home). I was able to visit that church. It is an amazing place. I was able to spend enough time in Copenhagen to know I love it, but not nearly enough to get my fill. I hope you get a chance to take more pictures before you finish up there. I must say I am remotely envious that you are in Denmark right now.

Anonymous said...