Sunday, April 27, 2008

Family, isn't it about ... Time?

"About time you kids went and got us some grandkids!" Actually, even though being a grandma has been my mother's dream since she was 12, she honestly didn't pressure us. I can only remember once when she did hint that she'd like to be a grandma before the second coming, if possible - and that was before I met Joy. But the family has been thrilled and delighted. Here are family pictures of Hyrum with just a few of the family members who love him so.

Pre-script: All family members hereby disavow any knowledge of the people in these photographs. They absolutely do not look a thing like them. They are all still young, vibrant, stunningly good looking, and have perfect smiles in every picture.

Post-pre script: Don't worry, family. No one is looking at you anyway. Everyone is here to see the baby. Including you.

Hyrum in his blessing suit that Jenny made for him.

Hyrum does not in fact sleep quite as well as previously advertised. We've been taking turns watching over him at night. I caught the two of them on the couch one morning, blissfully aslumbered.

This is really close to how Dad looked the first time he saw Hyrum. That time he was saying "awww!" This time, it was a comforting kiss on the cheek of a baby who didn't necessarily like hibachi.

About one of the other pictures taken last weekend, Grammy said:
"Why, that poor woman looks like she's 82."
... How old is she really?
"82," she deadpanned.

Hyrum doesn't seem to notice. or mind.

Aunt Virginia (Grammy's youngest sister) thinks it very odd that while Grammy is now a Great-Grandmother, she has to be a Great-Great Aunt. How come she has to have two when her sister only gets one?

This morning, getting ready for church. Joy likes to call this one, "With all the feeling of a tender parent."

When I moved him into his car seat, we discovered ... I WON! I got to be the first Watson on whose Sunday clothes he burped up. Woohoo!

This last is my entry into the
Egad! Bad Dad! Contest
I call it:
Look, Hyrum's on TV.

(We keep our TV covered with an afghan most of the time. And, no, he doesn't roll over yet, and yes, I was right there the entire time, and no, he did not fall. Joy says, "You looked away once, though! I saw it!")

On another note, I'd like to point out that, even though everyone is impressed with how much hair he has, he also has a very high forehead at the moment, as you can see in this picture. His new hair is as yet too faint to see unless you are close up (as in the blessing outfit picture).

Post-script proper: No egos were hurt in the taking of these pictures.

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