Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hyrum has an announcement

Most of this was already posted, but it has come to Hyrum's attention that some of you only tune in to see pictures of him, so he has asked that I, Brother Watson, include the following announcements with some of his pictures to make sure you hear about them too.

Hyrum will not be leaving Ithaca for another two years. "I'd rather sleep in."

Hyrum's dad got a postdoc with his majestic advisor, who rises in everyone's estimation every year.

At last report, Hyrum will be staying in the branch. "Sorry, Ant'ny, but Daddy will be a thorn in your side for years to come."

Hyrum is one month old, so Grandma Jule took him out for ice cream ... only he didn't get any.

Hyrum will be moving to a mobile home his parents are buying from someone in the ward next month.

"No, not the McFaddens. The Cornabys."

"Daddy seems really excited about the postdoc, doesn't he? He says it'll be an 'expected utility maximizing solution,' whatever that means. Just so long as he keeps the clean diapers coming, I'm good."

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