Sunday, April 27, 2008

Daddy Playing with Hyrum

Single, baby, male seeks companionship and future play dates. Favorite activities include bouncing, horseback riding, dancing, long walks in the park, and staring at walls. If interested, contact Mommy.

Actually, Joy's first reaction on seeing my dad handle Hyrum was one of surprise. "You aren't very rowdy with him," she commented. Pop was confused. Joy then explained that Derrill likes to play with his son. Derrill, in fact, has always wanted a son to bounce around and spin around and play with. Here are just some of the laughs that Hyrum enjoys.

"But if Derrill wasn't that way with his son, we wouldn't know how daring he likes to be."

Now that he's learning to keep his head up, I'm training him to be an airplane, or Superman. Videos and pictures likely forthcoming. I taught Hyrum to dance his very first day on earth. The video Joy tried to take then didn't come out, but thankfully these did.

I will confess, that the bouncing is getting rowdier as he learns to take care of his head. He NEVER left my hands in his first month.

The horseback riding we started today. He grabbed on to my hair good and tight and could actually hold his weight fairly well. He seemed to enjoy it a lot, though you can't see his face in the video. Enjoy.

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