Friday, April 25, 2008

Long time no Blog

I have been missing in action. It has been tough to get both of my hands free since our baby was born. I wanted to write a thank you to my family for visiting and helping during the first month of Hyrum's little life. Derrill's family who are as dear to me as my own, helped and came out for Hyrum's baby blessing. Mom (Grandma Jules) was here for 6 weeks helping with Hyrum. She was so kind to do laundry and dishes including letting us sleep every night. Her help was indispensable and I will always be grateful for her helping me see early on that I could at least get the mother part of life even though the rest might be hard to balance later.

Dad came out twice. Once to spend time with Hyrum and his wife, then he also came out for the blessing and to take his wife home to California. He traveled with his mother so that she would not be worried about making the trip out here traveling through Chicago (not a pleasant thought). We were so grateful that he came, for his great love for Hyrum and for helping Grammy get here.

Grammy is the one on the left in the back. She lives by Las Angelos. It was so wonderful to get a chance to have her in our home and to introduce her to Hyrum, her first grandchild.

The lady on the far right in the back is Aunt Virginia. She was a surprise and I am afraid I was not very reverent when I saw her for the first time in the chapel at Hyrum's blessing because I was so excited to see her. We had no idea that she was coming. I thuroughly felt loved and visited in our little island far away from any of our family and I want them all to know how much it meant to us to have them here. I know that they all love us very much and am so thrilled to be a part of their family!

I also want my family to know that I love them and understand how busy they all are, I am sure that they were there in spirit.

It has meant a lot to me for people to visit, at the hospital and at home, since having the baby. I really hadn't done much social outcropping on my own just yet. Some of our wonderful visitors were:

Elisa and Rhoda,

---------------------------Jenny S.,

Melissa C., and Jenny T., and Amy S., and Christy C.,

and many visits from Shari P.,

and Claudia,

Marcy, and Ashley, and Mindi and Lindsay cause they brought the dinners. Each visit was cherished, and I appreciate all your friendships.
Oh, Ben and Lexi came. He was so little compared to Ben!

Thankful for everyone's encouragement and well-wishes. And a special thanks to Jenny L. for making his blessing outfit.

[Derrill notes that Jon P. and Ben were the only men to come to visit my son. ... It's not part of the errand of male angels I guess.]

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