Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is Dedicated to the One I love

I have to say that I am really spoiled, so I feel the need to brag on my husband. I have heard many wifes discuss the need of more romance or romantic things in their marriages. I was blessed with the most romantic man that I could imagine and I am just left to wish that I were more like him and hope to become more like him through the years.

He likes to celebrate special times, like the anniversary of when we met (celebrated with a German breakfast with the closest thing to Nuttella that we can find around her) and every day of our marriage (by keeping track of how many days we have been married) so that each day is a celebration of us.

For Valentines he bought me a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers, got me some of my favorite kind of chocolates and even bought me some seafood subways that are my favorite and have been something that I have craved during my pregnancy. He is so thoughtful and kind. He never fails to remember special times that have come and gone and they become so much more special, becuase our remembering them. Unlike some people I do not expect such things or haven't in the past from men I dated and I am so lucky to have a man who can teach me what true romance is about. Forever gets better all the time.


MoneyFromHomeMama said...

That is too cute, and yes, you are a lucky woman!

Crystal said...

Very good, Derrill! :) Happy Valentine's Day you two. You're a couple that is always a great example to the rest of us.