Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baby Preparations

I am getting so excited for Hyrum to come home with us. I washed all of the clothes that we were so kindly given at a shower in Santa Barbara, CA and his bedding that Grammy gave us, including the cover for the car seat. After the cleaning preparation which also included cleaning the baby matress with Doodoo Voodoo (a wonderful stain remover and the matress looks great-we discovered the Doodoo Voodoo on line when we had spilled something in our car and could not get it out for the life of us. We were given the crib by some kind people in our branch), and cleaning, dusting the crib.

After all of that I triumphantly put the baby car seat in our car, so that we will be ready to bring him home and to get used to it. I also made the bed in the crib and put in the bumper, skirt, and the mobile. Here is a picture of the results. I am so glad the bed is ready, now if he will just wait a week to be full term (36 weeks) all will be ready :)

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Shari said...

Yay! How exciting! I always love the part about getting the room all set for the baby, then wandering in every so often to dream away about my soon-to-come little bundle. The hardest part now is all the waiting and not knowing when he'll come. Good luck! If you need a good "game night" to help pass the time, give us a call!