Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Pilgrimage to the Land Up North

J: ... It was our first visit to Babies R Us yesterday. ...
[Derrill notes that his wife is having difficulty forming sentences for laughing about things she isn't going to say.]
J: So what I will tell you is that it was a little like getting to the temple: kind of tough to get there, but it was a good time once we were there.
J: We had a strategy. We decided that I would do a complete scope of the place while Derrill did some things he needed to do, and then we'd look through it again and I could show him the things I liked.
D: Iiiiiiii been workin' on the dissertation all the live long day. Iiiii was over at the Wendy's where it was warm and I could think.
J: He did come in with me at first, though, for a smidge.
D: I found the diaper bag! *proud look of a 3 yr old who 'helped' with dinner*
J: Yeah, it has a couple jungle characters on front. It's fun.
D: I decided they only came in three flavors: drab, overkill, and over-marketed. So I found the one exception to the rule, and that's ours.
J: After we did some looking on our own I found some jingle toys to show him and a stool to sit on when you feed the baby ... ... ....
[D notes that Joy is having a case of Parkinsons as she plays charades to help me give her the name of whatever it is]
J: I showed him a bouncer with jungle animals
D: A circular Johnny Jump-Up
J: So there were the cute little spoons that change color when the food's too hot, some baby diaper changing tables (we're thinking about getting one)
D: I'm trying to convince Joy it's worth it to spend a little more to get one that we could use as a display table in the living room several years down the road.
J: We won't have to give it away cause we won't like it anymore?
J: Found some interesting toys, like things you can put your kid into in the grocery cart
D: Joy is big into finding a mirror for the backseat to look at baby while driving.
J: Derrill's a little nervous about this.
D: We tattle on each other. :)
J: It's true.
D: They look so BIG I worry about seeing out my rear window again. I'd rather go for one of the shaving-glass sized mirrors.
J: Speaking of which, I have a question if any of you mother's know that have had your baby in the middle seat instead of one of the side seats: I've been thinking about a shade, but do I need one on both sides because my baby's on the middle? Any comments?
D: Or none, since the baby's in the middle....
J: Anyway, we're going to kinda wait for our larger purchases until the baby shower this Saturday. We're looking forward to the party, even if Derrill wouldn't go even if he were invited. He's excited with me.
D: *Jamaican voice* It's no place for a man. Not dat I'm not interested, but I got no place der, ma'm.
J: It's kind of interesting. I haven't done very much shopping, but looking at what's out there kind of makes me feel a little more like I'm starting to get what I need gathered. It's nice. We didn't really plan on buying much. Our strategy was to look around first, do a little pricing.

D: ONLY THREE WEEKS TO GO (theoretically)

J: We're not holding our breath. By the way, I want to mention here, I'm feeling really good. Still the best time of my pregnancy as long as I get sleep and food, I am a happy pregnant lady.

Some shots of our further nursery preparation: organizing the toys and the clothes are washed and put away.

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