Monday, December 13, 2010

Hyrum according to Facebook

Last night I plugged the camera into the computer and discovered I haven't been posting Hyrum pictures or many blogs about him since Halloween. Time flies when you're working 12-15 hour days for two months at a time! Thankfully, we have some records through Facebook's status updates:

Saturday, Dec 11: Hy asked to listen to a song ten times. I told him when we got to number 7. He announced "Only three more times. 8, 9, 10." 2.75 years old today and he can solve 7+x=10 in his head.

Friday, Dec 10: Hy just counted backwards from 8
Thur, Dec 9: Hyrum tries on big boy underpants.
More of the story: We've been half-heartedly potty training Hy for a couple months now. We have alphabet stickers and some small prizes to give him, but there are still some significant challenges to get through before we're even going to be close. Problem is, he starts school in two weeks. Our original plan had been that he would graduate to big boy underwear as a reward for becoming potty trained like all the kids books say. After praying together about what we could do, though, I had the idea that because transitions are so important to Hyrum, we need to start even that transition now.
So we went to WalMart and bought him a pack of Cars and a pack of Pixar underwear. I had thought we would need to show him the underwear for a few days, spend another few days getting him to hold them, convincing him to try them on for a couple minutes to see how they 
Nope, nothing doing. He wanted them on right now. Joy says, "I had no idea what you wanted." It's not really what I wanted, just expected. So when he wakes up or gets up from a nap, he gets some underwear. He soils them and tells us he is wet and he goes back to diapers for the rest of the day-segment. It may just be helping! It also tells us that Lightning McQueen is preferred to Buzz Lightyear who is preferred to Wall-E.
Friday, Dec 3: For the first time, I heard the dreaded words "Whose kid is this?" No blood, no foul, right?
Just a boy an hour past his bedtime being a little rambunctous in a store, to the dismay of one of the customers.
Sun, Nov 28: We've begun teaching Hyrum about Christmas fun (in the Nativity he is well versed). Tonight after Joy's FHE lesson on Christmas symbols, I read him "Twas the Night Before..." and tomorrow we start reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas. In his prayer he said, "Thank Thee [for] Christmas."
Wed, Dec 1: "That's the Grinch. He had an idea."  
Sun, Nov 21: "I'm slicing the chair to decorate the floor for Thanksgiving - Steve and Emie coming"
Sat, Nov 20: Hy's new vocabulary word is Lava. "Lava is red. Don't step on the lava." Thank you, Incredibles, for teaching my son such a valuable lesson.
Wed, Nov 17: Joy won the bowling tonight with strikes in frames 8, 9, and 10. Hy prayed "Thank thee for bowling. Thank thee for strikes...."

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