Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Christmas Bride

For our church Christmas party, each organization was supposed to come up with a song or a sketch or something to perform. As I told the elders, I LIVE for this stuff. So I was put in charge of coming up with a sketch. I pitched several ideas and the one that stuck was a parody of The Princess Bride. I got my food policy textbook off to the publisher by Thursday and wrote the script. The main players rehearsed it that night and we performed Friday. So the fight scene is completely impromptu. A friend recorded it and put it on YouTube. Sorry for the background noises of children, but you can hear us pretty well for the most part. The video is below the fold or linked here.

Narrator and voices: Derrill Watson
Santa Claus: Jacob Hale
Rudolph: Clint Stone
Villain: Jeff Petersen
Music: Phil Halcomb
Henchmen and Elves: Ithaca Ward Elders' Quorum

It was Clint's idea to have me do the voices so that no one had to memorize their lines in only one practice.

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