Friday, December 7, 2007

Travel to San Fransisco: Not

So when we got back from St. George and Las Vegas (mom, dad, and I), were holding our breaths to see if there would be a working toilet down stairs.

Some weeks ago mom and dad Watson found that their down stairs bathrooms were suffering from mold take over. Out of the mercy of their hearts they didn't want their allergic daughter to have to be around so much mold, so in November they started a major rehaul and remodel of their bathrooms (there being a half bath and a full bath which they wanted to connect). The hope was that the remodel would take place and be completed before family (me being the first) came to visit for Christmas.

This goal may have been achieved if their first chosen contractor had not fallen through. Dad being out of town all week most weeks could only meet with someone on the weekend an all meetings with the first contractor fell through and he did not estimate accurately the time that he had available for the project. Therefore a new contractor was chosen but a precious two weeks had lapsed making it seem probable that the project would not be done before company arrived.

So back to our arrival and the hope of a working bathroom, they remodelers had to gut the whole bathroom area and redo the plumbing which had originally been done with only thick cardboard piping. When we arrived there was not a toilet down stairs. So we stayed in the house for the weekend, then mom and dad decided that we would spend the week leisurely making our way to San Fransisco where he would be speaking on Friday.

The plan began very well, and was fun for mom and I too. Our first night Monday was spent in Salvang, a cute little community with some windmills and quaint shops. The day after we stayed there, mom and I went shopping. We found some delicious fudge first, then we found a game for mom, a couple of outfits for Hyrum (our baby on the way) and I found an adorable felt advent calendar that I can make for next year. It was a relaxing time and good company. The next two nights were to be spent in Maddona Inn in San Lois Obisbo (SLO). This place was very grand. Our ROOM consisted of two floors with 4 beds on the top level (two rooms) and a master bed room with very large living room on the first floor. The ROOM was easily larger than our current apartment in NY. We spent our first night there and dad had a webcast in the morning. Then after the webcast mom and I went maternity clothes shopping. She told me that Grammy would love to get me clothes for Christmas and anyway I could use the clothes for my other anticipated pregnancies since this is our first child. That shopping took most of the day and then we had dinner with dad at the Maddona Inn restaurant. It was a fun time and I really enjoyed some of dad's prime rib (a new thing since I can't eat much meat-taste bud change for pregnancy).

Well, that night our luck began to change. Dad was sick all night with bad flu simptoms. In the morning I found out that we would not be going to San Fransisco because dad was too sick to do his presentation. We made a bed for dad in the van and mom drove us home. This was Thursday. Thursday when we got home there was not a running toilet down stairs, but Friday night there was. Dad is feeling better now, he has been out of town working this week (this story takes place last week). The bathrooms are also done now except for the jetted tub that will be put in when it arrives :D. It was a sad way to end the week but the week was a fun besides dad getting sick.

(The bathrooms are now done, and here are a couple pics just before they finished of the two new bathrooms. A shot of the new tub will be forthcoming.)

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Steve Watson said...

Yeah, I guess holding your breath IS a good idea if you're waiting for a toilet to be installed . . .