Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas with my family. Joy and I introduced a new tradition to the larger family. We don't know that it will stick, but we did it this year. When Joy and I have celebrated by ourselves, we pause after we each open a gift to share a spiritual thought about Jesus or the gospel. This Christmas, after everyone had opened a present, we shared testimony about how God had blessed our lives this year, or things we were thankful for. Some of us were really touched by it, and Mom cried while sharing hers. It was nice.

Here are a few fun pictures from our time together: me, Joy, my brother Steve and his wife, Emmy.

Joy agreed to let me have my chin back this week for my interviews in New Orleans week, but also really wanted a good shot of the goatee I grew for her. There's a mustache somewhere in there too, but it's slow growing. Personally, I think I look evil in a goat, but Joy, Mom, and even our stake patriarch like it.

Most successful present given: When Joy unwrapped the present, she found our laptop. Turning it on, she found a series of poems, pictures, and videos showing my big project while we were apart: preparing the Baby Room. She loved it.

Biggest surprise: 20 cookie cutters from Grammy. She had a difficult time finding any, and here were 20. She went through and celebrated each one. (The big box she's opening there had some flippers because she and Steve like to go scuba diving.

Most unusual present: I gave Steve a rubber chicken that squeaks when its head wobbles. There's also an egg inside that will come out the bottom if you squeeze hard enough. Unfortunately, he also managed to break the egg, so the rubber chicken is currently sitting in a cup, waiting for magic to fix her....
Mom and Dad wanted to make sure he would ... Believe in Steve.

Best Christmas quote from this year:
Steve was getting ready for lunch, but the frozen tamales didn't have any directions. So he had the following conversation with my literal wife who deadpanned this completely.
Steve: Joy, how long should I cook the tamales in the freezer?
Joy: I don't know. I've never tried cooking them in the freezer.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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