Saturday, December 15, 2007

Third Trimester - Take Two

Our blog thus far has been bereft of pictures, so today we are repenting. For your viewing pleasure: Joy, the Amazing Pregnant Lady! We try to take a picture each month, but missed the last month since we were apart. Here we will be comparing Joy at 17 weeks and now at 28:

We went to visit an elderly lady at the hospital this week. There was also a young mother there, a sweet little, tiny lady with a three-month old. Because she herself was so small and her baby was commensurately small, she asked if Joy was having twins.

Nope. It's just one baby Hyrum. He does a pretty good job of kicking Daddy when I come listen in to see if he wants to talk to me. He tries to get out. He likes to stay pretty low in the womb. Joy thinks he knows the way out and is looking forward to it. He's always pounding down there, trying to get out. This means Joy needs to be extra strong. This is a picture of my strong woman:

"Tough as nails ... except when I'm pregnant." Joy's symptoms have been pretty killer this week. It has not been an easy week for her. But there are only about 12 more of them to go, and then her allergies can calm down again.

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The Green M&Ms said...

What a tough, beautiful pregnant woman you make, Joy! I'm excited to see updated pics. Y'all are the best!