Thursday, December 6, 2007

Was Healthy in St. George

I had a great time in St. George taking care of Grandma Straw. I am so glad that Mom and Dad Watson let me help with her knee surgery recovery. I was the last person to stay with her. Mom stayed with her for the first month. I helped grandma get her exercises organized and then helped her get on her own with driving and exercises. Grandma had all the time in the world to visit and I enjoyed having the company.

My allergies were very minimal in St. George so I was almost a completely healthy pregnant lady there (for the first time in my pregnancy). My allergies have just been 3 times worse since I got pregnant. I survive just fine, but it was nice to feel so healthy for a couple of weeks.

Being at Grandma Straws we don't go many places, but Harmon's, and the bank :D. Grandma likes to watch the news while she eats, so I saw more news those two weeks than I have seen in my lifetime, only having turned on the TV once in my life to see news on purpose myself (the day of 9/11)

It was a delightful time and I was very happy to give mom a break. One of the best things for me was the feeling of being able to contribute to a loving family who has already given me so much I can never figure out to repay, but I am learning that is what it is to be family -- giving and being there for each other. I love you all

P.S. I am now is California for Christmas. I am so excited to see Derrill today

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