Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Acts of Salzburg

I took nearly 500 pictures and videos of Salzburg, so I turned on my randomized screen saver to give a few more views of this wonderful city before we leave it. In case you can't tell, Salzburg was probably the highlight of the trip. Thank you SO MUCH, Mari, for watching Hyrum! And loaning us your van. And the water. And a place to come back to. And ... everything.

The archbishop sticking out his tongue and rolling his eyes, from the model in the palace.

A random thermometer/barometer on one of the streets leading up to the Salzburger Dom (cathedral). Or is it a picture of a nice elderly Austrian couple? Or maybe I was really interested in the design of the cobblestone.

You gotta pose with the artillery, man.

A castle turret (Festung Hohensalzburg)

Remember that picture I took for you of the serpentine horn? This is what it sounds like: "The crude and loud serpent."

Carvings inside the castle chapel.

Looking down on the cathedral from the castle.

We left the castle along a winding, steep, hilly trail along the in-skirts of the Altstadt (old city), past the original fortifications, and through some lovely scenery to get to our car parked on the other side of the hill. We were on our feet 3 hours in the castle then another hour getting back to the car and were BEAT by the time we made it. Got some lovely views though for our troubles.

The cathedral from the side.

View of the castle from the roundabout walk back to our parking spot

Another shot from inside the cathedral.

Okay, that should do it for Salzburg for now. There's plenty more to show, but I would like to get the monkey off my back that tells me I've been home for two months and haven't finished yet. Next stop: Silent Night chapel, Germany, and Germano-Italy, then on to Verona, an awesome safari zoo, and Trieste. And our trip will finally be done. Boy, it was great!

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