Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hyrum's second Halloween

Hi there. Hy here. For Halloween, I was a horse!

Horses say ppppppppth. 

I even had a tail and everything.

I got to play with Uncle "Stee"ve and Aunt "Emomilee." ... but not much. Really they played board games with Ma and Da while I ran around their apartment like a maniac, throwing balls, conducting John Williams movie music, and watching Book of Mormon stories on the TV.

I'm not just any horse. I'm Heber J. Grant's horse. I helped Heber's family cross the plains when he was a little bitty boy, like me! Me and Heber look a lot alike when we smile.

Most of the time, I rode on Heber. We tried it the other way, too, but it didn't work as well.

 Hey, you guys, cut that out!
You don't want people to see that!

Oh well. Happy Halloween from Hyrum the Heber Horse!

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