Monday, September 7, 2009

Riiview: 1 Year Later

This is the story of four people with the same dream: to lose weight on the WiiFit.

At first there was just Diiego (D's ego, green in the middle) and Lilac (Joy, red). Then our nutritionist told us what our proper weights should be and we realized that even if we got down to them, our WiiFit would still claim we were overweight. So we created two taller characters, the 6'11" Alter Iigo (green on the left with a goatee) and the more pedestrianly-heightened Tinuviiel (yellow).

We used the WiiFit for exercise for 6 weeks and 10 weeks respectively, but kept weighing ourselves on it regularly ~twice a week. As you see from my chart on the left, my weight fluctuated within 10 pounds for most of that year. Partly this is because the WiiFit is a terrible scale - unreliable with swings of 6 pounds from one day to the next without extremes in diet or exercise. But the pattern is pretty clear: no change.

Then came the South Beach Diet in May. Practically overnight you can see a clear break where I drop a decade and slide my way down another one. I've kept those 20 pounds off for over a month, and today's weighing was tied for my lowest in the year. Now, we'll see what 2 weeks in Italy does to that, but the results are pretty sweet.

Joy's graph on the right shows her battle to lose her pregnancy weight. You can see she has finally achieved this, with a drop starting in June when she joined me on the diet. Both of us are in spitting distance of a normal BMI compared to our proper ideal weights.

"Weight really is a strange thing. I gained 30 lbs in about three months and couldn't seem to find a way to get it off. Even working out hard every day and following the advise of a nurtritionist. But the South Beach diet has worked miracles. I am still a little impatient and wish that the weight went off as fast as it goes on, but I am so grateful that we have found a way to be healthy and lose weight. I have always a diet was just an unhealthy way to loose weight, but this has changed my life, a diet can also be a change of lifestyle and a determined choice to be healthy! The choices can be hard sometimes, but if I am really dedicated and not feeling flimsy about the choice, it is not so bad :)"

But getting back to the WiiFit. It kept our interest for a month and has been useful since. For us, its best feature was the step aerobic program that set up a friendly competition between us. I also really liked the boxing program. But it was always the same routines while My Fitness Coach gives you at least some randomization and a feeling of newness. That, and we weren't losing any weight despite doing its exercises for over an hour a day, 6 days a week. Each of us did keep using the WiiFit as an exercise log for our walks and other efforts for a month or two after we stopped using it for exercise.

Getting the WiiFit was the primary reason we got the Wii in the first place. Since then, we've added several other favorite games that we play regularly: Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Cooking Mama, Zelda, My Fitness Coach (Joy's still going strong and I still use it occasionally).

"It's fun to play with family or friends."

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