Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hyrum vs. Swings

If Hyrum were writing a "What I Did This Summer" essay, it might feature going to parks. We showed you the park where he slid on the slides, and we showed you the park with the water features. We went to another park early last month where Hyrum met up with another wonderful playground system: swings. I had a lunch appointment fall through that day, so I kidnapped my wife for a picnic date (plus baby).

After lunch, we usually let Hy run around a bit while we sit and talk. This he enjoys greatly. On that day, he would run up the hill, slow down, then run back really fast and tag up at our bench.

Eventually he got interested in the playground equipment I swung him back and forth for a while in a child swing. He laughed a good deal, and we took some video and a lot of pictures of him swinging back and forth. It's remarkably hard to get one with him looking at us, though. He's still a very passive swinger.

Then Mama thought she's show him how it's really done, and he LOVED it. It takes me a few seconds to get the camera steady and see both of them while holding Hyrum in my other hand, but I get there eventually.

To end off, Dad gripped Hyrum firmly and took off in the neighboring swing. We and Mom swung back and forth, laughing and thrilling with the up and down. For us, the magic is seeing these pleasures through his wondering eyes. He loves our trips to the park.

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