Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hyrum vs. Slide

For my birthday, we ordered a pizza. We took it to a nearby park and enjoyed wonderful carbosity. Hyrum got to play on the park toys, mostly throwing chips around and climbing into and out of the toy car there. We also had an uninvited guest - a little boy came and sat down at our table as we spread out our blanket and put out the food. I asked him, "Are you joining us," and he said no. But he sat there looking hungrily at our food. So we offered him some pizza and some vegetables, which he enjoyed. Eventually the other people in the park left and took him with them to go have dinner. Hope his parents weren't upset at us for spoiling his appetite.

After dinner, I joined Hy at the toys and introduced him to the slide. At first he was apprehensive, as you can see. But he soon warmed up to the contraption.

After a bit, Hyrum started climbing the red slide. He succeeded, too! I got out the camera for him to try again, but that had used up his grip-strength.

Joy says, "I mean, who has a 17 month old who can climb up a slide?!?"
He's strong.
"I really want to know. Did your kids successfully climb up slides at 17 months? It doesn't say anything about that in the children's development books. 'At age duh-duh-duh, your child should be able to climb up a slide.'"

While watching these videos, Hyrum started counting to three! Now I may have to wait until a four-count before unleashing fun....

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Grandma Jule said...

Well, I can't *swear* to it, because I don't think I made a note of it at the time . . .
I have to say, Uncle Steve was also an extraordinarily strong little boy! He could climb up his baby slide at a very early age, and do "sit ups" from an upside-down position with no help (other than keeping him from falling on the floor!) from the time he was able to walk. . . .