Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where West Meets East

"We had all of Derrill's family visiting us last week!

It was a real treat." My brother and his wife are going to be living up here now, in the Northeast anyway.

"That is why they were able to come, because they were passing through on their way to their home and Derrill's parents were helping them with a load of there belonging. They are soooo nice."

Steve was hoping for a large reaction from me when I saw his goatee. Something along the lines of, ~Oh, no! What have I done!??!~ I did ponder the infectious nature of beards. What I said to my brother in the evening shadows was: Are you sure you're a BYU student? No, but he used to play one on TV.

Steve and Emie stayed with us two nights. They got to show us a lot of their new games. "I really enjoyed Dominian the most. That is not only because won the game the first time, but it certainly doesn't hurt ;). Thanks so much Steve and Emie. We also played Dance dance revolution Disney style, Mario Kart (which was more fun than we expected) and Wii Active. Derrill does a great job at DDR, so do Steve and Emie. I had fun watching them. The next morning I showed them My Fitness Coach."

We were delited to discover what we hadn't thought of before, that Hyrum has an Auntie Em. And he loves her "as shown in the above video".

One of my favorite parts was that I had plan food ahead and was feeling like I could relax and enjoy our company and they really enjoyed the food I made. They loved the deserts, chicken soup, and wheat banana poppy seed bread. Dad also took us to a lovely dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

In a surprising return to tradition we had a joint birthday celebration for me, Steve and Emie.

"Emilee and Steve both have birthdays in July and Derrill's is in August" in two weeks. "This video is of Steve opening his gift of a kitty from his parents. Animals are not allowed in their apartment, but this Fur Real kitty does some real things and is fun."

It lifts it's paw to lick it and it rolls onto its back so that you can scratch it easier.

"I took this video especially for you mom, so you could remember how much he loved it on first sight. Here is the beautiful mother with the beloved kitty now"

We sure wish everyone could have stayed for longer. It will be nice to have Steve and Emie closer. Hyrum should enjoy it too. But this means that the Watson family is now more East Coast than West. eek.

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