Monday, August 10, 2009

Eating for Love in all the wrong places

Okay, first to justify this as work: I work in a nutrition department and as an economist, I'm interested in signaling behavior. There, that wasn't so hard. Now the meat:

Your sandwich choices may reveal personality, compatibility

With a hat tip to Newmark's Door, this article discusses a study that finds correlations between certain personality types and the sandwiches they enjoy. Interviewing Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation reveals the following results, revealed that they combined the psych profiles and sandwich choices to identify what type of sandwich eater you should be dating, offered here as a public service:
We now know that tuna-salad types are competitive, easily irritated and intolerant of failure....
  • Tuna-sandwich types are better off hanging with other tuna-sandwich types.
  • Seafood salads and BLTs are a slam-dunk love connection.
  • Egg-salad lovers get along with everybody,
  • while ham-and-cheese types, apparently the players of the bread-and-lunch-meat set, "function best without strong romantic entanglements."
Take heed, ladies.
A pity they didn't try out the Three Little Pigs sandwich: smoked ham, breaded pork cutlet, two strips of bacon, two fried eggs, and gruyere, on a brioche bun. Gold diggers should look for people eating this.


Grandma Jule said...

But - - - what about PB&J???

You *forgot* PB&J lovers!!!

Derrill said...

They actually thought about PBJ, but had a problem that nearly everyone picked it. No variation - no results.