Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beautiful Scranton

We drove down to Scranton, PA, for a wedding reception this weekend. Our new official family portrait you see plastered above this. With our heartfelt congratulations to Dave and Laura, here are a couple fun snapshots we got: Lucky couple on the left, happy guests on the right.
In answer to the ... daughter who asked: 'Mother, how do you fall in love?' the wise mother had answered: 'My darling, you don't fall in love, you must keep working at it all the time.' Yes, love is like faith, it isn't something you can capture today and it will remain with you always. It must be nurtured day after day by a husband who continues to 'court' his wife after marriage by studiously trying to do the things that will make her happy. -- Harold B. Lee

We were really impressed by the decorations. The green and yellow colors went very nicely together, the tables were beautifully decorated, the backdrop of the Washington DC temple behind the buffet was great.

Love is not about looking into each others' eyes;
But it is looking toward a common horizon.

Joy: It was really well done. I couldn't think of anything that could have been done better with her reception. Laura's parents did a great job.

Love is not just an ecstasy, not just an intense feeling. It is a driving force. It is something that carries us through our life of joyful duty. – Arthur Henry King, The Abundance of the Heart, 84

Dave and Laura, you were just sealed for time and all eternity. Please speak into my bananaphone and tell us what your plans are now. "We're coming to ITHACA!"

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