Thursday, April 2, 2009

Somebody loves you

Hyrum has been expanding his vocabulary and his skill set. A few weeks ago we put up the pictures of the latter-day prophets around his diaper changing station. He learned how to point at the pictures and really enjoys it when we tell him the name of the prophet. Gordon B. Hinckley is one of his favorites, I think.

While we practiced pointing at other pictures today, Hyrum identified a few people. Mama was showing him a book with pictures of generic family members. She told him that Grandpa meant Pop and made his special sound. "I'm not very good at that sound." But Hyrum recognized it and said, "Pop."

Then just now, he was pointing at pictures on the fridge. He pointed at me and called out "Da!" We showed him my family and some friends. When he got to the picture of Shari, who does playgroup with him now each week, I told him she was Shari. He repeated, "Jari!"

So Hyrum has tried to say Jesus, (grandma) Boo, Pop, and Shari. You are loved.

(In more frightening news, he put some things on the table and was trying to get them back off today but couldn't quite reach. So he grabbed his rocking chair, pushed it over to the table, and Joy is certain he would have stood up on it except the chair tipped over and he couldn't right it again. "And he was UPSET at the chair." He clearly has figured out the notion of stepping stools.)

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Shari said...

Oh, I DO feel so loved. Thanks Hyrum!!! I was feeling a little blue tonight and praying for something to help me feel better. Thanks for being an answer to my prayer!