Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Links

One of these headlines is not legit. Can you guess which one before clicking (or hovering) on the links?

A sober man took pictures of a pink elephant.

Guess who's blogging now? Obama's Teleprompter.

Obama may be the the world's worst gift giver.

A real life child was saved recently by Spiderman.

When lynch mobs form, innocents suffer, even on Wall Street.

During this economic downturn, several products have seen dramatically increased sales, including candy, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, and Polish haircuts.

Russia is bailing out the nesting doll industry. (And the $20 million stimulus goes inside the $30 million stimulus inside the...)

Meanwhile, one UT legislator proposed to tax caffeine. What next, water?

With many hat tips (in order from right to left?) to Marginal Revolution, Greg Mankiw, the BBC, and NPR.

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Probably Derrill said...

Then after posting this, the Miami Herald informs me of a vegan group asking that the warning label "dietary disaster" be put on a 4,800 calorie burger made from 5 third-of-a-pound patties, 5 cheese, a cup of chili, on an 8" bun made from a pound of dough. Brought to you by the West Michigan Whitecaps as a publicity stunt.