Sunday, April 26, 2009


Congratulations to our friends at BYU who graduate this week.

Including, but not limited to:

My brother, Stephen, who sang at graduation! He has a BA in Spanish Lit and will be pursuing my road not traveled at UConn (ie - what I would be doing if I weren't an economist. You can see the internal dialogue here:)
Stephen's wife, Emilee! She got a BA in Biology while working as an ASL interpreter. To celebrate, she went to Disney and swam with the fishies in their aquarium.

Tiffany, my home teachee, who is now a BA Economist. Now she gets will be trying to find a job in Ithaca.

Also to Alan, brother of my high school's All American Cameron, who is also graduating in economics, if I read his parents' Facebook note correctly.

To our friends at Cornell and other schools that haven't finished the school year yet, good luck on finals.

And just remember, for everyone who continues on to grad school:

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Desi said...

How appropriate! I just wish grades really didn't matter. Rick's employer looked at his transcripts from grad school and talked about each grade with him. So, grades still matter... at least in his field. I have my first final in grad school tomorrow. I'm happy to say that I'm going to do very well in that one. We'll just see how the next set go. I loved your post! Especially the comic about Social Science and the Humanities! :)

Thanks for more fantastic insight into deep, but humorus life!