Monday, February 9, 2009

One Small Step

Sunday afternoon, Joy and I were sitting comfortably on the couch planning out our week when our son decided to join us. He was standing at a chair next to the couch, let go of the chair, and took 2.5 halting steps towards us until he could grab the couch.


And we both got to be there!!!

He has been repeating the feat (feet?) all over the house today. He took a pause for a few weeks on learning how to walk, but today it seemed to be all he wanted to do. He took two laps around his high chair (gripping the chair, admittedly) as his longest unassisted but supported walk. We cheered every time he took or tried to take a step on his own into the unknown. It's very exciting.

"Sometimes he bounces just a little too much to stay on his feet," Joy reports.


Shari said...

Hurray for Hyrum! What a smart boy.

p.s. I love the picture of Hyrum. I can just see his personality in those big, blue eyes!

themeese2 said...

He's all excited to be vertical and just can't help bouncing! He is SUCH a sweet-pea. He's too far away. Phooey! Give him a smoochie for Kimmy for me, would ya'?