Saturday, February 14, 2009

He ate WHAT now? (Hy) - updated

Our son,
the lazy eater, (always)
the picky eater, (recently)

Who refuses his favorite foods,
Who won't eat cereal unless there's fruit in it,
Who changes his mind every WEEK...

Ate Brussels Sprouts today
"Like they were going out of style."

My son loves Brussels sprouts.
This week.


Grandma Jule said...

He *IS* his grandmother's grandson!!!!


I know you were WAY too young to remember it (because you were probably not much older than Hy is now!), but we used to have Brussel Sprouts all the time, as they are one of my favorite vegetables. And, we would cook up a BIG Bowlful. It wasn't long before Little Derrill discovered the game "See how many brussel sprouts I can stuff into mama's mouth at once!" I'd feed you a spoonful of YOUR food, and you'd shove a brussel sprout into my mouth - - - until ALL your food was gone! then, you'd start shoving brussel sprouts at me as fast as you could dig them out of the bowl!

I wonder if that's why we stopped serving brussel sprouts . . . .

Emilee said...

wow! what an embarassing story! Thanks for sharing mom! LOL

Crystal said...

Wow! I can only eat them myself with a lot of butter and salt. I love how you wrote that post . . . and that it says that "probably derrill" posted it. Clever. :)