Saturday, December 13, 2008

Utah, part 4: Hy's version

Hi there. Hy here. I think I'm going through withdrawal. Every day in Utah there were lots of new faces around, and a lot of them just wanted to spend time with the baby. When it all got to be too much, I'd crawl over to Mom's leg mumbling, "mamamammamama," and she'd put me down for a nap (in my trailer). It was WONDERFUL to see all the family.

Now it's just Mom and Dad. Can't some of you come out and visit me? I've been exploring the house diligently, but I can't find you anywhere. Where did you all go?

There were some things Dad missed in his portrayal of our trip that I wanted to share too. F'rinstance, I attended my first birthday party. The sad part was that I wasn't the center of attention, but I soon found a way to remedy that. After M. opened his gifts (I thought opening the wrapping paper was pretty cool), I crowded around Cousin S. to help get the toy out of the box. And if I just happened to play with it first, well that was just the way it goes, right? Eventually M. got bothered that I squoze myself inbetween him and his presents, so Mom fished me out. Sorry, M.

I found a new wonderful piece of technology: the broken fax machine. The broken fax machine beeps when I hit buttons, but doesn't call random numbers with static. It's loads of fun. Maybe Dada will post the video he took of Hyrum's Technical Support Line.

Here I am with Auntie Em, putting my finger where her mouth is ... or something like that. Dada caught me.

We went to Funland. It was fun for everybody else. I watched them skating around this big ring with Disney songs playing and strobe lights and a disco ball, and I finally burst out into song too. Dad caught me just at the climactic moment, singing:

"Just wait and see! Some day I'll be
Part of Your World!"

I like to share my Dada. Here he is playing with another boy. I was playing with that boy's older brother. He kept coming back asking for Dada if he could "Fly?" That's my dad.

Aunt Fran gave me this wonderful Santa Claus outfit. They say he's a jolly old elf.

Here I am, an adorable young elf.
And I smiled when I saw me,
In spite of myself.

Actually, Dada has discovered what a narcissist I am. I'm not sure what that is, but Dad says it. It used to be that when I looked at myself in the mirror, I smiled. Now I run up to the mirror, well crawl really fast, and kiss myself with big slobbery kisses.

Dada was entertaining me in the car while we waited for Mama. My favorite car game is peek-a-boo. Dada ducks down below the window, then pops up again with a big smile on his face. I try to encourage the old man. It's good exercise for him, and he seems to enjoy it so much. I do what I can.

Here I am giving Mama a foot massage. Her feet hurt after all that skating, so she soaked it. Grandma Jule gave me a patriotic ducky that tried to help me massage Mama's foots. I don't know why Mama didn't like my massages as well as she liked Dad's....

Mama: What is that smell?
Abby: I think Santa farted!
Christopher: They'll never know it was me!
Hyrum: Check please!

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Marcy said...

I'm glad to know you had such a great time, Hyrum. I'm also glad you're around to make sure Mom & Dad get their stories

Welcome back home!!!