Sunday, December 14, 2008

Guess Who's Talking Now

It's official. Hy has spoken.

The problem is, it was a gradual transformation, so we're not sure on just what day. As we've blogged, when he's hungry or tired or needs comfort, he crawls over to Mom mumbling "mamamamamama..." When he wants to play or is really happy, he calls out "Dadadadadadada."

Friday, he let out with quite perfect "Dada!" when looking at me, and a quite perfect "Mama!" when he headed straight for Mom. So he does recognize that those are our names, and he calls us by them. He called me first in the morning on Friday, but since he's been using our mumble names for so long, it's tough to call whether one of us is first.

We're just as glad that he developed both of our names simultaneously.

So Hyrum is now starting to be capable of speech, just after his 9 mo birthday.

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