Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lights, Camera, Hyrum 2

You've seen the pictures from Thanksgiving. Now behold the glory of the Director's Cut edition - not just stills, but actual movies starring the one, the only, the inimitable Hyrum!

Bob the Builder, meet Hyrum the Dump Truck

Watching the world pass him by and longing to be part of it.

Look out, ladies. Here comes Hyrum!

He tracked her across the cultural hall. (Though in all fairness and political correctness, he chases little boys and dogs and cats with the same vigor and determination ... much to their united chagrin. It's kind of fun to watch him chase a puppy around a house, but less fun when 2-3 year old boys get scared and cower behind their moms for fear of the approaching Hyrum. The funny part comes, though, when mom picks them up: as soon as they are out of arm's reach, they become intensely curious and want back down to examine the Hyrabeast.)

Everyone practices saying "aaaaaa" with Hyrum, to the delight of all.

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