Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where in the World is Daddy? (Carmen San Diego?)

Daddy has traveled to may places in the last 6 months or so which is a good portion of Hyrum's life. I am starting to see a pattern of interest in our map at home. When Daddy is home the map is unused and unloved, it just sits in the bathroom against the wall. It started as only  a map of the united states mounted on thick paper for tracking where we had applied and where we had interviews (we got it three years ago). I have pulled it out whenever we start looking for a job, but then we just stop using it after a while, too many applications and not enough interviews.

When ever daddy leaves Hyrum wants to see the map and put pins where people are that he loves. I didn't notice at first that it coincided with daddy being gone, because he wants to know where everyone is not just daddy. So when Daddy went to Denver we charted it with pins, and when he went to Nebraska, to Washington DC. But we had to copy a map of the world, because Daddy went to Copenhagen Denmark and now daddy is in Nigeria.

So with daddy in Nigeria, it all started again. I start by showing him with pins where we are and where daddy is. We usually follow his plane routes. Then he asked me where Pop and Boo are, where is grandma Joy, where are Steve and Emilee and as an important part of the family where is Disney World. We have been to Disney land and I have pointed it out to Hyrum  before, but it doesn't hold the same honored place as Disney World. After he has made sure that everyone has their pin and has been located then we can put the map away again. He is just so cute.

Speaking of daddy being gone, Hyrum keeps saying things that show he either doesn't want daddy to be gone or he keeps forgetting that daddy is gone. After nursery today Hyrum said "Let's go find daddy". I can't remember the other comments, but off and on he says stuff like that. I always remind him of when daddy will be home and we count the days, because counting is so comforting to him. He even told daddy today that he would be coming home in 3 days. :D

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