Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random Prices 1

Right now, the $/Naira exchange rate is about $1/N150 (or $6.50 = N1,000). For our own future reference, here are the first handful of prices I've found:

Taxi driver offered to let me use his cell phone: N100  ($0.65)
Meat pie at airport restaurant = N220   ($1.50)         Most dishes between N150 and N500.
Hotel room 10-15,000N ($65 - $100), complementary breakfast (pictures forthcoming)

There's a card here with a list of laundry prices. The Check it Out moment: they'll dry clean a shirt for about $2 and a suit for about $7. At the hotel. In Denmark, that service cost about $30.

The meat pie was pretty good. It would be a little spicy for Joy. Two filled me quite well, though one would have done it with a couple vegetable sides. The crust is less flaky than a pasty, fried instead of baked, and filled with beef, onions, and spices instead of beef, lamb, and turnip. One of my traveling companions was satisfied with just one pie and the other opted for the chicken and rice pilaf which she gave a poor rating.

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