Monday, October 4, 2010

A few Disney memories

Hyrum proud of his Mickey ears. "We match!"

In line for Small World.

After Small World and Toontown, he wanted to ride the Snow White ride. That was not our best choice. Snow White is scary. There's a witch. He didn't want to ride any more rides after that! But Mickey helped him feel better. We were reading a few days later and saw a picture of an old woman. He said, "a witch." I told him that, no, she's not a witch, just a sad old woman. This Halloween, he is slowly learning the difference between old women and witches.

The Tea Cup ride was one of Hy's favorites that he asked for again and again the next day. He also really liked the Bug's Life version of the tea cups at CA Adventure that Pop took him to.

I'd ask him, "Do you want faster or slower?"
And that's when I'd get the smile.

Merry-go-rounds were also big.

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Grandma Jule said...

It's wonderful to see our serious little thinker learning how to both smile genuinely and spontaneously, as well as "smile for the camera!"

What a WONDERFUL time we had!!!