Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dinner with Hyrum

We had dinner at the Blue Bayou at Disneyland and Grandma Boo got hold of my camera. In a fit of grandmotherliness, she took many many pictures of her adorable grandson being absolutely adorable. Here, without commentary, are the pictures of Hy and the glowing Buzz Lightyear that accompanied our lemonades.

Buzz flies with sound effects.

Okay, I know I said without commentary, but I had fun with my son. There's a button to turn Buzz on or off. He asked me to turn Buzz on. With one finger poised over the button, I would use my other hand to very obviously twist some other part of Buzz - his wings, his head, his foot, his arm - and then when Hy took it from me, he would try to figure out how Daddy did it. He never caught me, good magician that I am. It provided a great deal of entertainment for the table.

Oh, and good magician that I am, I did finally let Hyrum know how the trick was done. ... About a month after we got home.


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