Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Disney comments: most annoying character

I just can't wait to blog about Hyrum's trip to Disneyland this week, but I have to since I want to do it with pictures. For now it'll have to suffice to say he loved it - fulfilled every dream. In the meantime, I guess I'll just do a few Disney riffs I've been thinking about as we got ready for his big trip.

There are some Disney characters that I find annoying. As a group, they tend to be quite self-centered and not learn important lessons that would make them better people. Ariel comes to mind, but there is a reasonable hope that marriage (as a teenager?? no worse than Snow White's when she's supposed to be 10) will do her some good.

My least favorite character is Tinkerbell. It's not just that she's vain, self-centered, immodest, and jealous, and enjoys mocking others. Though let's start with that. Consider what it says for someone that applause brings them back to life: diva, much? Her merchandise defines her as "sassy." Oh, that's what I want my children to be! Not only that, but her figurines, dolls, snowglobes, and other knick-knacks regularly forget to put a little more green paint on when she sits cross-legged or is flying by. Good thing there are no paparazzi in Neverland!

More importantly look at what her jealousy leads her to do. She is willing to sell Wendy and the boys into slavery! Kidnapping, shanghaiing, slavery she agrees to and an accomplice in multiple attempted murders that she didn't suspect even though she is willing making a deal with a bumbling devil. Legally, she is responsible for those as well.

And what is her reward for this treasonous, duplicitous betrayal? She becomes the second symbol of the Disney corporation! Who opens every Disney movie? Not Mickey, but Tink. Not only that, she gets her own cartoon series as lead, the only secondary character other than Jimminy Cricket to get one, if I recall.

Down with Tink!

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Emilee said...

Perhaps you should see the new tinkerbell movie. I liked it and tinkerbell seems very nice.