Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Favorite Part of the Day

Hi there. Hy here to tell you about my favorite part of the day:

About a month ago, Daddy decided I was old enough to appreciate a Magic Time from his childhood known as Family Fun Time. While Family Home Evening happens every week - with a lesson, song, scriptures, prayer, activity, and dessert - Family Fun Time happens every night. We read a little from the grownups' Book of Mormon, Daddy explains it and Mommy ties it into Jesus ... and then we have fun!

"Fam'y Fun Time" is one of the first things I ask for after breakfast. Mommy says, "He is completely insane about Family Fun Time." I ask for it whenever I see Daddy after breakfast and it's one of the first things I say to Mommy. If both Mommy and Daddy are home, we could have Family Fun Time! I clap when he announces that it's Time.

We take turns choosing the fun. Mommy likes watching VeggieTales and bouncing on their bed. Daddy likes taking me outside to play or exercise or playing a video game. He taught me all about The Train Game: Sid Meier's Railroads. I just want to watch the intro movie over and over again. I tell Mommy and Daddy about the "tracks." I'm also very excited about the towns we've built to and changing the color of the trains. "Blue train," "green train," etc. Tonight for FHE, Daddy showed me on a map where temples are in the USA, including three in Columbus, Detroit, and Chicago. After introducing each one, I said, "Like in train game."

Sometimes I ask for movies we've seen, like Peter Pan's "You Can Fly" or a scene from Mary Poppins. Sometimes I ask for Candy Land. Sometimes I want to play in the rice. Once or twice I've asked to color with Mommy and Daddy. Basically, whatever I wanted to do during the day but couldn't because it was the wrong time.

I never want Family Fun Time to end. Now I say in every prayer, "Thank Thee Mommy Daddy."

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