Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Love being a Dad

Someone asked recently under what conditions having children makes a person happier. The asker guessed that if you really dig serving other people, you'd probably like it, but he prefers being footloose and fancy free. I responded (with anonymous names):
When we had Hyrum, we were surprised to discover that I really like babies and that Joy ... is more fond of older ages. As a single, I had worried that I would hate being a dad of small, noisy children, mostly waiting until they grew up to really be able to enjoy it. Lo and behold, 2.5 years later I haven't found an age I don't like. It just keeps getting better!

It's not the service for me - diapers just need to be done and mealtimes rarely involve a picnic. It's the connection and bonding with this person who thinks I'm just the coolest thing ever. It's seeing the world in wonder again. It's having someone in the house who shares my love of music all day every day. It's being part of this amazing progression and personal development with someone who changes in dramatic ways every two weeks if not faster.

Last week, Hyrum discovered trains. He wants to hear bluegrass music that sounds like trains and Daddy should sing to him at night about the Gospel Train. Mommy reads to him about trains. He wants to play a train computer game and visit the train museum. He's suddenly interested in geography because in "the train game" we built a railroad to Columbus and Detroit, and any mention of those cities gets him excited. His blocks changed from rising temples to chugging trains overnight. I can't remember being as excited about trains as he is right now and I know he'll pass on to something else soon, so I can enjoy feeding this train fever for as long as it holds his interest. It's fun and stimulating being a dad. For me.

I love being a dad.

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