Saturday, January 24, 2009

Whaddya mean...

... I'm not getting any younger?? That's ridiculous! I'm only 30 for crying out loud. It's a number. There should not be any significant, real difference in turning over a decade. Honestly. People are just way too uptight about arbitrary cutoff points. ... And then this happens.

Among my New Year's Resolutions, I decided to make the attempt to have no more than one dessert each week. In preparation for this noble endeavor, I splurged before the New Year. On New Year's Eve I had a hearty double helping of the family chocolate pecan pie. Ohhhh, it was sooooo goooood! The next morning we headed over to our friends for some Scandinavian Aebelskivers (ball-shaped pancakes), which aren't dessert but the stuff you have them with is. After enjoying my fill, I played with their kids like I normally do: mostly picking them up and spinning them around until I get too dizzy.

At one point, I decided it would be a nice thing to lay down on the floor. When I got up, I had a conversation with my stomach that I've never had. You know how your parents always told you that if you eat too much candy, it'll make you sick? I never had that happen before. But my stomach up and says, "Dude, what are you trying to do me?? You've given me nothing but sugar and carbohydrates for the last 12 hours! Are you nuts? And on that kind of energy you expect me to play and spin around? If you keep this up, you won't keep it down."

So I knocked it off and didn't eat for the next eight hours while my stomach got back to normal (wasn't hungry).

Then last week I'm at my parents' house and I'm helping them get a new treadmill into place. At one point I picked up a little too much treadmill with too much back and not enough leg. I normally pick things up with my legs and am just fine. But I really pulled something this time. My back has been hurting me all week.

Dude. I'm getting old. ;)

For those who remember, about this time last year, I told everyone I am insane for taking on too many work projects. I predicted that my hair would start graying rapidly between work and baby. Well, here are the before and after pictures. I also had this sweet streak of bright white in my goatee, but it disappeared when I trimmed it this week. I'm actually proud of my growing gray -- makes me look more professorial compared to the freshmen. (That's why I bother mentioning something you can barely see if you squint just right.)

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