Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hyrum's First Disney

Dada, if you're going to take forever to blog about this, let the baby have a turn, alright?

After our successful tour of Utah for Thanksgiving, Pop and Gamma (Dada's parents) invited me along to go to Disneyland in January as a Christmas present! I graciously allowed Mama and Dada to tag along.

Warning: Contents may have shifted during flight.

Turned out, Disneyland was just a convenient excuse for Pop to get me all to himself. Every morning after breakfast, he sent Mama and Dada off by themselves to explore California Adventure and Disneyland until I finished my first two naps. We had a lot of fun together. Pop knows how to make ALL KINDS of great sound effects and he has an entrancing cell phone. He's pretty cool.

On our last morning I was actually awake for breakfast time. So I got to meet some furry, plastic woodland creatures. As Pop put it, "Well, we've done our job today. We've taught him it's safe to put his hand in the mouth and nose of very large animals."

The Little Brother bear was the most entertaining of the critters who came by. He played with me and was very gentle. Some of the other critters didn't stay very long because they figured I was too young to know any of them. ... They were probably right, but I liked the little bear.

The raccoon sneaked up on me.

Mama took me dancing around the room for Follow the Leader.

For lunch one day we went to see a comedy music group at the Golden Horseshoe Review. They played real good music and goofed around a lot. I give them two binks up. I laughed and, being a baby, I cried.

Here I am exploring California Adventure on Pop's shoulders. Ride em, Grandpa!

My very first activity was talking with a giant animated sea turtle named Crush. Dad asked a very silly question, but I'll let him account for his reprehensible behavior.

My first actual ride was for Monsters, Inc. Mama had showed me the first part of it one day. I kept my eyes wide open as we went through the story. The next day we saw Winnie the Pooh - first his ride and then he came out himself! He shook my hand on the way to his photo op and I smiled. I also really enjoyed the Carousel.

On our last day we went to Mickey's house. Dada set me down on the floor and I crawled my way through the throngs straight to Mickey's piano. I stood at the piano for minutes, entertained and entranced. Then I visited Mickey's TV. Eventually we found Mickey, but his helpers took some very blurry pictures. :(

You may notice a lot of red shirts. Gamma got us all matching shirts so we knew who we belonged to. Dada won the prize for most buttons and I came in second: First Time Visit, Critter Breakfast, and Honorary Citizen of Disneyland.

Mama and I really like trains, so we rode on Casey Jr. I was in the Monkey Cage. I just gripped the bars and stared outside intently

Dada was pretty sure, given how much I like playing with him, that I would enjoy the Mad Hatter teacups. My favorite part of spinning around in them was trying to open the door to get out.

I spent some VERY late nights. Dinner didn't get started until my bedtime in West Coast Time. That's 11pm in New York! Everyone took turns walking with me at restaurants, but Dada usually took the first shift. After all, unattended babies tell tales to everyone around them, very loudly.

Thanks, Pop. I had a wonderful time.

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Shari said...

Ahhh! How fun!! I'm so glad that you had a good time at Disneyland. It's great that Hyrum wasn't afraid of the extra large Disney characters. They freaked James out when he was one-year-old.

We have severe "Disney Fever" over here. We miss it so much! Like a broken record, we go through the same conversation constantly, between Jon or I and Kate, or between Kate and us.
Person #1: *sigh* "I miss Disney World!"
Person #2: "Don't worry, we'll go back there soon."
And we never get tired of regurgitating that conversation. It's just comforting to hear. Are we pathetic or what?