Friday, October 24, 2008

Assisted Walking

Mommy story time. if I wait until we have a picture then Derrill will have to blog about it. The following is the story as I shared it with Pop (Hyrum's grandfather) in our IM conversation:

We have two suitcases lieing on their sides in our living room right now. They are heavy enough that he doesn't move them when he tugs on them.

Hyrum pulled himself up to stand at the longest one and slowly made his way standing (a slow walk as he kept holding onto the suitcase) until he got to the other suitcase (they were perpendicular to each other. Then he grabed on the other suitcase and let go of the first and pulled/walked himself around the end of that suitcase.

All standing. Then he let himself down to the ground (meaning he didn't fall), crawled on the floor to the couch and then pulled himself up to stand with the couch.

I was really excited about seeing how he got down so well from the standing position, I usually see him do the falling and he doesn't usually want to get down from standing so he falls out of it. But it was incredible to see him do the walking too. I plan on videoing it too, but it was the only time I have seen him do it so far.

I am more convinced than ever that he is really going to be walking soon and I am excited for him.


Shari said...

That's so cool! Hyrum is such a clever little boy!!

Grandma Jule said...

And Pop will get to see it before*I* do!!!!!

boo hoo hoo!