Sunday, October 26, 2008

1 Teeth, 2 Teeth...

1 teeth, 2 teeth,
3 teeth, 4 teeth!
Someday I'll have
Even more teeth

See my teeth? See my teeth? I have four teeth now. I had 1, and then I had 2, and now I have 4. Two on the bottom you can see easily, two on the top that you can only see if Dad decides to torture me.

And there he goes with the torture. And for what, I ask you? That teensy hint of white you can JUST see under his thumb if you zoom in on the image.

Two on the left and
Two on the right.
Watch out, Mom!
This baby bites!

Dad just explained that when the government spends money it doesn't have, they'll expect ME to pay it back. I don't want to fund AIG spa trips! It's taxation without representation, I tell ya!

I can't wait for Pop to come visit me! He'll be here for Halloween! Maybe he'll slip me some chocolate while Mommy isn't watching....

For behold, I have seen the television's light from afar and I am come to kneel in worship.

Now this exercise is great for working out your glutes and legs. Start from a kneeling position and put one leg forward like you're going to stand up. Just 19 more! Come on, you can do it!

(As you can see
I learned a lot
from the Wii)

Joy's caption:
Mommy, why do Obama and McCain fight so much when they're not that different?

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