Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good eats

Once upon a time, I longed to know what it was that made some foods palatable for my son while all others were terrible. I looked forward to a time when he would have the language skills to tell me what was important to him.

Well, Moses is finally down from Sinai with the Word of the Hyrum: "Is it warm? Is it soft?"

Those are the two questions he asks us as we try to ply him with new foods. Are they warm and are they soft? The other day he even looked at Joy's food, asked if it was warm and soft, and took a bite so he could get his Hershey's chocolate square (which is replacing sugar cookies).

The thing is, that can't be all of it. We've introduced him to a lot of foods now that are warm and soft, but he doesn't eat most of them without some pressuring or wheedling. Peaches and yogurt are cold, not warm. Chocolate is not soft and chunky peanut butter isn't either. So this isn't a complete explanation.

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