Thursday, November 11, 2010

My split personalities - a little navel gazing

In real life, Myers-Briggs tells me I am an introvert (like I needed someone to tell me I recharge my batteries by being alone and expend it in social interaction) who prefers abstract, intuitive thinking and that I prefer to use my thinking rather than my intuition to understand the rest of you (aka INTJ, the Mastermind, the rarest of the typologies). My boss is also INTJ so we get along splendidly. Joy, oddly enough, is ESFP - she would be my exact opposite if I didn't actually have a 60/40 split on each of the categories.

But my blogs are another story. Cue the Typealyzer who will perform a Myers-Briggs on your blog in seconds. This blog ... does not look like me. It is extroverted to my introvert, concrete to my abstract, and feeling to my thinking. We can't blame Joy because she's seldom on here. Far from being a Mastermind, around here I'm a Socializer! Our answer is that this is just a forum and place for me to express my other not-quite-half.

My work blog on the other hand is almost exactly me (The Duty Fulfiller). The only difference is that again I use concrete examples of things that are present in my communication rather than sticking to abstract thought.

I like the pictures of brain activity these two blogs present. Pity they won't let me copy and paste. Each blog lets me emphasize a very different part of my brain. (I enjoy that my brother's blog - Mental Meanderings of a Modern Superhero - gets a depiction of a fellow with a sword and shield, and the description for my mother's sounds about spot on.)

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