Sunday, October 25, 2009

Salzburger Dom (Cathedral)

The Salzburg Cathedral is a magnificent monument to Christ and to the archbishops who have worked and served there. A number of them are entombed underneath and two of the wing-side altars are dedicated to their memories and service with large than life-sized portraits of them surrounding the altars.

This is the door to a smaller chapel underneath the cathedral in the crypt.

One of the principal altars.

The top of an arch-bishop altar.

The grand organ. There are I think 4 other organs in the main hall as well. The organist doth covet.

The paintings on the ceilings depict scenes from the crucifixion, resurrection, judgment, and stories from the Old Testament. Probably stories from the Catholic saints as well, but I wouldn't recognize them. It's really worth it to click on the ceiling pictures in the post to see them enlarged.

In this video, I walk from one side of the cathedral to the other, starting at the baptismal font (surrounded by a group of happy grandparents). The place is really huge.

Some more gorgeous ceiling work. There's actually relatively little on the walls. The altars and paintings in the alcoves are beautiful, but the pillars and walls themselves are noticeably blank. Clearly the intention is to get one to look up in wonder at God.

Outside the cathedral is a large statue of Mary. One of the cooler parts I learned about online before we went was that if you start from the passageway and walk forward, it looks like the angels on the cathedral lower to crown the virgin Mary. My videos seem a lot shakier than I remember being.