Saturday, November 24, 2007

This life is a test

I'm actually creating this account mostly so I can make comments on the blogs of some of our dear friends who recently let us in on theirs. But I'll probably end up recording some of our happy information here for their benefit as well. It's been a very happy thing, being able to be part of friends' lives even when we're far apart. This will make the communication a bit more two-way.

For those random surfers who just happened to find us, you have reached the blog of Derrill and Joy Watson, two newlyweds (a mere 911 days thus far - a blissful drop in the bucket of Heaven) out in Ithaca, NY. Derrill goes to Cornell, and should be graduating with a Phud in development Economics this year. Joy goes to his head, and should be delivered of a baby boy, Hyrum Spencer, sometime in early/mid March. She is currently vacationing with my parents in Santa Barbara, CA, after spending two weeks caring for my grandmother in St. George, UT. The picture was taken at my parents' house when we were there last Christmas. It'll be another two weeks until we're together, and we miss each other with great pinings.

Hmmm, this is starting to look like a real posting. I'd better cut it out now before it does and the habit is firmly entrenched. (Oh, but it wants to be entrenched, my precious.)

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